Fenix Flame Comics FAQ

Welcome to Fenix Flame Comics! This FAQ should answer most of the burning questions you have in your mind and probably a few you don't. If your question isn't answered here, then email it to customerservice@fenixflamecomics.com and we will see what we can do to help.

  • How often does Fenix Flame Comics respond to email?

We try to respond to all e-mails and plan on getting back to you within 48 hours.

  • Are you a Dealer for submitting comics to CGC for grading?

Yes, we are! Please visit our submissions page for information on how.

  • If you were to eat yourself, would you get twice as big or disappear?

The answer is “ORANGE”!.

  • Why don’t you have __________ in your Store?

Because someone just bought it 10 mins before you visited! Bummer! Please email us to see about us getting it again for you.

  • Why does your system use cookies? Don't they steal all kinds of personal information from me such as my email address?

Yes, we also take your soul and third toe. No, in all seriousness, our Store uses cookies to remember what you are searching for to help you navigate through the different pages, and to associate your order with you. Cookies cannot steal your email address, nor do they know who you are unless you tell them. In this system, your name is never part of a cookie, even when you order chocolate chip ones.

  • How long will it take to get my order?

That will depend on the postal service and our internal delivery time. We try and ship all orders within 2-4 days. But, keep in mind, we are a family run business and life happens so there are exceptions to this rule. Once your package leaves the building, it generally takes 2-10 days for the postal service to deliver depending on where you are.

For International orders it’s a lot harder to calculate shipping time. In general, however, it takes 2-3 weeks for airmail, or 3-4 with other International Carriers. Both domestic and international shipping is available by USPS. BUT! If you're willing to pay, we can get a shipment almost anywhere in the world within 48 hours.

  • What is the phobia of chainsaws called?

We believe the medical term is called: “common sense”.

  • What if I'm not “satisfied” with my order?

Fenix Flame Comics wants you to be happy. If you’re unhappy; we’re unhappy. If we’re unhappy we go home and sulk. If we go home and sulk, we don’t read our comic books. If we don’t read our comic books, our comic book’s heroes and villains feel neglected. If our comic book heroes and villains feel neglected, they could rise form the book and bring about Armageddon. We don’t want Armageddon to happen. Therefore, we will do what we can to make problems right. This is by any or all or none of the following: fixing what you aren't happy with, exchanging the purchase for a different one, or giving a full refund (including original shipping). Any and all of these options are the sole discretion of Fenix Flame Comics.

If you would like to return something, please contact us first before sending the item(s) back to us. While we like getting stuff in the mail, we have as much use for a damaged comic book as you do. If we do request it/them back, please return it/them in its original condition with all documentation and packaging within 14 business days of the date you received the item. Please package the item(s) carefully and insure your shipment for the appropriate value. We cannot take responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen items. Remember, there are gremlins all over the post office.

After we receive and verify the shipment, please allow 7-10 days for the full refund to be credited back to you via the payment method (excluding cosmic energy, we keep that stuff) you used to purchase the item. We reserve the right to refuse any exchange or refund if we believe this policy is being abused. If you don’t receive a refund or an email stating the refund was denied, please contact us.

  • What does it mean when you dream that you can fly, but you fall into the Earth and are eaten by a group of dragons and gargoyles?

It means you are a wizard and are about to embark on a great adventure at a magical school for witches and wizards! There you will be tasked with challenges beyond you wildest imagination. We had that exact same dream, actually, are in year 4 of the school classes as we speak.

  • Can I trade/sell comics to you?

Absolutely! And in terms of trading, we have a service that is right up your alley! Send us a list, including photos and your estimate of grades and include a price you would wish to receive for each item. We will NOT be the first to make an offer for a book(s). It’s yours so tell us how much you’re looking to get for it/them. We'll either say yes, no, or make a counter offer. Every transaction is subject to wheeling and dealing.

We'll be as fair as we can be, but at the end of the day we have to be able to feed the folks here at Fenix Flame Comics. Give us a try.

  • Should I teach my dog to drive a car?

That’s a very good question, but you should contact your local DMV as some states have laws against drivers with color blindness and as dogs are color blind, well…

  • How do you grade comic books?

Comic book grading is VERY subjective. Yes, we’re sure you’ve heard that many times, but it’s actually true. We might grade something a 9.0 and the next retailer might think it’s an 8.5 or the next a 9.4. We try to grade rather harsh and look at ALL imperfections and issues the book has and that’s so that when you get a book purchased by us, you are pleasantly surprised that it’s better than you had thought. Of course, CGCed books are a lot easier to guess. If it says 9.8, we would grade it at a solid 9.8.

  • As I’m new to being on an internet forum should I learn the basics of English, American or British?

We feel you should learn the basics of thought first.