3D Printing Services

3D Printing is the newest and one of the largest innovations that have happened in the collecting, gaming and household industries. With new and more advanced printers (filament and resin) coming to the mainstream and home users, things to print are getting more and more advanced and available.


We at Fenix Flame Comics want to help you get the items you want when you don’t want the headache, high cost of a printer and all the other things that go into 3D Printing. Our services are some of the best and trusted in the community and our prices can’t be beaten.


Keep in mind, we don’t sell items that are trademarked or copyrighted, but we are happy to print the items you want for a cost of the service, the time and the materials used. We will help you get the item you want, print it and clean/paint it if you would like.


Download our 3D Printing Form HERE to print out and select the services right for you.

– How Our Process Works –


  1. Find the item you want on the internet or reach out to us to see what our catalog has in stock for printing. Over the coming months, we will be adding a page to showcase what files we have available for you to choose from.

  2. Download the form to the left and let us know how we can make your dream a reality.

  3. If needed. we will video chat and review the items your interested in and see what options you have.


– Turnaround Times –

We strive for a fast turnaround time for completion. However, there are exceptions to this based on the extent of work needing to be done, number of pieces needed to print, etc. But, please remember we are meticulous in our work and strive to produce the best quality work we can.


– Prices For Services –

We aren’t like other companies. We want you to be able to get the best results for the best prices. Many companies when they say they will print your request, they print and that’s that. We don’t. We will repeatedly print a piece and work on it until we feel we can’t get it any better.

The prices* for our starting base printing services are as follows with extra options available on the downloadable form:


  • Resin – Solid – Easy / Small – $30


  • Resin – Solid – Easy / Medium – $45


  • Resin – Solid – Easy / Large – $70


  • Resin – Solid – Easy / X-Large – $105


  • Resin – Semi-Solid – Easy / Small – $25


  • Resin – Semi-Solid – Easy / Medium – $35


  • Resin – Semi-Solid – Easy / Large – $50


  • Resin – Semi-Solid – Easy / X-Large – $75


*Some exceptions will occur based on individual cases. Prices are subject to change.

We hope this has helped you make a decision to use our services and we look forward to helping you out any way we can. If you have any more questions outside of this generic services sheet, please let us know.