Who’s Fenix Flame Comics

Risen From The Flames To Be Your Comic Shop

We are a growing comic retailer in southeast Wisconsin, USA consisting of three generation family who’ve made comics into a lifestyle. We are comic fans, comic lovers, and we can empathize with what other comic geeks (and we use that term to include ourselves) want. As we watched our personal collection grow, we felt began to think how we can do more for the comic community and take a more active part in it. It also gave us an excuse to buy more comics we really wanted. 🙂


Every collector has been to a comic shop and walked around in awe at all the things that little store (or as we sometimes call them little pieces of heaven) contained. At the same time though, we all have also seen all the things we could do to make that “heaven” just a little better.


We took our extensive years of comic shop hopping, comic knowledge, pricing and trend tracking and tried to make it as amazing as we have always envisioned it ourselves. We built, we created and we planned and at the end we unveiled and, well… it didn’t work so picture perfect. As good as that first plan was, it wasn’t quite the vision we had planned. So, back to the drawing board. We took another good, hard look at what did and what went wrong and what went right. It was then everything clicked and we had a “vision”. That vision needed a name. A name that would stand out against the others and still something to show we weren’t giving up. Thus, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, “Fenix Flame Comics” was born.


We are pleased with the direction of the company has taken and is going and continue to watch to see what you, our brothers and sisters, want. If you see something we don’t have and think we should add it, we would welcome you to click the contact link and let us know.


Fenix Flame Comics is always growing it’s stock of books, CGCed books and exclusive hand-drawn covers by the artist J. Kova. So, bookmark us because like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we are Fenix Flame Comics. Risen from the flames to be your comic shop.


Thanks for stopping by!


~ Fenix Flame Comics ~